Font Painter

Instructions for Creating a Handwriting Font Template

1.Go to the 'Templates' tab at the top of the website.
Step 1
2.On the left, select your desired language and characters with numbers.
Step 2
3.Click 'Create Template' at the top.
Step 3
4.Download the ready-made template.
Step 4
5.Fill out the template as shown below:

Please note how the letters should be filled in relative to the lines:

Step 5 ExampleStep 5 ExampleStep 5 ExampleStep 5 Example

Fill the template using a gel black pen and scan the finished template on a printer or take a photo with your phone.

Step 5
6.Go to the 'My Fonts' tab at the top of the site and create a new font.
Step 6
7.Click 'Upload Template' at the top of the site and add all the templates.
Step 7
8.Click in the 'Upload Template' window.
Step 8
9.After uploading, check if all the letters match. If not, click the pencil icon to edit.
If everything is correct, click 'Add Characters to Font.'
Step 9
10.At the top, click 'Create Font.'
Step 10
11.Download the finished font.