Font Painter

Create Your Signature

You can create your own signature using FontPainter and add it to the font. It will be available as the symbol Ⓒ. You can also download your created signature in SVG format and add it to any document.

Добавьте Рандомизацию к Вашему Шрифту

Вы можете загрузить несколько шаблонов для вашего шрифта с разными стилями букв или нарисовать их в редакторе. После этого вы можете создать шрифт с рандомными буквами.

Create Font from Template

Create a template with letters, then print the template, fill it in manually with a gel pen, and upload it to the website. Our powerful tool will automatically process your data and turn them into a real font

Scan Single Letter

If you need to upload an additional letter to the template, you can write a letter anywhere and scan it with your phone afterwards. Alternatively, you can cut out a single letter from a photo using Photoshop and upload it to the website

Edit and Draw Letters

There is also an option on the website to draw letters or edit created letters. The website features a special library that makes letters appear realistic while drawing (not just "Brush in Photoshop"). You can also adjust various settings while drawing to achieve the best result

Edit Letter Size

After adding letters, you can check and compare the sizes and distances from the top and bottom of the letters. To ensure consistent letter sizes in the font, you should adjust the size using this function

Adding Ligatures

You can add ligatures (symbol combinations) to your font using a hand-drawn template or an editor.