Font Painter

Adding Ligatures (Character Combinations)

1.Go to "Templates" and click "Add Ligature"
Step 1
2.Select the desired language and type the necessary characters for the ligature, then add them to the page
Step 2
3.Click "Create Template" at the top of the site and create a template
Step 3
4.Download the template with ligatures and fill it out
Step 6
5.Go to "My Fonts" and upload the template with the written ligatures
Step 7
6.Click "Create Font" and download it

You can also draw ligatures using the online editor on the site:

1.1Click on and go to "View Created Templates"
Step 10
1.2Select the created template with ligatures and add it to the website
Step 10
1.2.1Alternatively, you can add it separately, without creating a template. To do this, click "Add Ligature"
Step 10
1.2.2Select the language and enter the desired character combination
Step 10
1.3Click on the desired ligature and then on "Draw Character". Draw the character and save it
1.4Click "Create Font" at the top of the page, create the font, and download it
1.4To make this work, you need to enable the function in the program where you plan to use the font